Who We Support

2020 Creek Fire

All of our firefighters worked on behalf of the North Fork community during the devastating Creek Fire, which started September 4, 2020.

Captain Gus Lavell reports "Every member of Company 11 responded to and helped on the Creek Fire. I'm very proud of all of our efforts to help our community. Brett has the record. He was on duty for 26 days straight." 

North Fork Station 11 Firefighters

In Memoriam

Company #11 personnel who bravely and faithfully served their mountain community of North Fork: 

  • Gary Carver
  • Troy Carver
  • Clyde Garton
  • Betty Lyons
  • Paul McHorney
  • Robert Quick
  • John Radman
  • Robert Radman
  • Frank Verduzco
  • Kelly Burns